Who We Are

Established in 2013, we are a primary care dedicated management services organization.
Leadership and Co-Founders: Tim Barry (CEO), Clive Fields, MD (CMO), and Paul Martino (CSO)

Where We Are

Headquartered in Chicago, IL with 900+ employees in corporate services and within our joint venture management services organizations.
Partnered with over 2,000 primary care physicians across Texas, Indiana, Illinois, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona.

What We Do

Empower primary care providers for success in value based care through:

  • Enhanced, comprehensive clinical care models
  • Multi-payer value based reimbursement contracts including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Data analytics and technology solutions
  • Clinical and administrative resources
  • Development and deployment of cognitive and physical ancillary services

Visit VillageMD’s website for more information: villagemd.com