The Road Ahead in Healthcare Policy with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel

We are honored to be joined this week by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel for a discussion around the evolving healthcare policy landscape. On this episode, he shares his experience to help craft the Affordable Care Act (ACA), how it has changed over time, and what to expect in the next few years. Join us as Dr. Emanuel predicts healthcare priorities under the Biden administration, gets candid on his regrets during the Obama administration, and relays his conversations with Trump about stalling the ACA repeal.

About our guest: Dr. Emanuel is an expert on the ACA and innovative valued-based care programs. He served as a healthcare reform advisor during President Obama’s administration. He is the author of several must-read books for the primary care workforce including “Prescription for the Future” and “Reinventing American Healthcare”. He also serves as a board member for VillageMD.

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